My Experience @ FOSS Overflow

by Tushar Bansal18/1/2023

Project Idea 💡

We do a lot of transsactions within our institutes leading to large number of unneccesary bank transactions. An intra-institute payment ecosystem can solve this problem. Instipay helps you to add money from your bank account and converts it to points which can be used to for transactions in businesses within the institute and also to send money of other people of the same institute.

My Contributions 💻

  • Developed the login and signup functionality
  • Added the paybyID option so one can pay using their insti ID
  • Added paybyQR option and myQR option which generates a unique QR for every user.
  • Lastly, added Logout option

What I gained 📈

-Money 💸

Jokes apart, working in FOSS helped me in many ways including:

  • Got more hands-on experience on Flutter ,which enhanced my app development skills.

  • Worked with supabase for the first time , and it was pretty easy and interesting to work with.

  • Working with 2 other individuals improved my Co-operational skills and learned how working together and helping each other can help all of us grow and also leads to fast completion of tasks


Pretty much loved my time working on FOSS, it involved challenges but they only increased my curosity to find ways to tackle them down. Also, with mentors always backing us, there was no fear involved.