SmartInstiApp - Flutter App

by Shubham Daule18/1/2023


The purpose of this project is to make an application that every student of college can use to ease out and centralize all the tasks. The app includes a user-friendly interface where a person can showcase his achievements, skills, etc. Write blog posts, view posts created by other users, and like and comment on them.

Features Implemented

The app was created in flutter, and following features were implemented:

  • Viewing user profiles: Users can view a profile of themselves and other users. User has the ability to follow other users when looking at their profile.
  • Editing your profile: Users can edit their profile and change their display name and about. Add and edit Achievements, skills and positions of responsibility.
  • Creating posts: Users can create posts. This post can be used to showcase various different things like some new achievement or experience at some event like FossOverflow, or it can just be an informational blog. This post has markdown support. Users can add images in the markdown syntax by first uploading photos to websites like There is an option to preview how the post will look before actually posting it.
  • Feed: The user's feed contains posts from the followed users. Like most apps, posts are sorted with the latest one at the top. Users can tap on the brief view of the post to view the entire post. Users can also add comments on posts.


This is the first open-source project to which I have contributed. I am looking for the following features to be implemented:

  • Add a login system that can authenticate users and give them access to the app.
  • Add Entities and Events as proposed in the initial proposal.
  • Adding filters to the feed and the ability to pin (save) these filters.


Overall, this program was a positive experience. Contributing to the open-source project has long been on my TODO list. Still, it is hard to get into a project you have little idea about while simultaneously learning the ways in which open-source projects work. Small details like how to create a pull request, what to write in its message, how to work on suggestions given by maintainers, etc were too overwhelming. This event has helped me with these things. Feedback provided by mentors on various pull requests and during mid-evaluation was invaluable. Coordinating with team members in the initial phases and planning the project helped me build my teamwork skills. Overall, I am now ready to begin my journey into the world of open-source projects.