Sampoorna: A one-in-all app for Modern Women

by Aastha Chauhan22/1/2022


Sampoorna is a one-in-all solution concept revolving around the women who fight one on one with various problems. With its features encapsulating solutions for the majority of the problems faced by modern-day women, it is a tool one step ahead of the existing tech-based solutions to the problems.

I got an opportunity to work on it during Foss Overflow 2021, which gave a platform to many other students like me to realise the power of contribution in open source and teamwork too. This was undoubtedly a very enriching experience and also a good kickstart to look forward to GSOC. This is my first Android Project and I learned Android during this program only. I am involved in implementing the period tracking feature which helps the user track the expected future date of her menstruation cycle. I will be more than delighted to continue contributing to Sampoorna in future to give it a perfect shape as proposed.


In my initial days, I learned java as my first programming language. I was majorly active in problem-solving, competitive programming and building personal projects. This was my first meaningful collaboration in an open-source project. I applied for this program because Project Sampoorna caught my attention. I could relate to the concept, thus even though I didn’t work on android before, I was ready to not only apply to work in it with some new ideas but also learn android from scratch to implement it all by myself. I had been contributing to open-source programs before but never really understood how impactful open source contribution can be.

I was lucky enough to have an amazing duo of Mentors, @Sunit Sir and @Akshat Sir, who were always there to solve doubts. We used to be in constant touch over the official discord channel and their support never made me feel like I have been thrown at the dead-end which usually happens. In a month, I began from zero and currently, I am working on implementing notifications which feels super amazing. Through this program, I have gained enough confidence to continue contributing to open source programs and with android too! On top of that, this was a paid program and some cool swags are also being given to all the selected participants!

Major Take-aways

  1. Learnt about inbuilt android features-date picker.
  2. Was able to get an idea of how UIs are built-Added Background Animations too.
  3. Idea of notifications are added and how they work in the Background.
  4. A stout foundation to prepare for Google Summer Of Code.
  5. The Art of writing a "Clean Code"
  6. Sense of pleasure to work on an idea that you correlate with.
  7. Made a cool connection, @Ashutosh , my co-participant who also helped me with resources when I was stuck.

Special thanks to @Akshat Sir, @Sunit Sir who helped so much during this program. I truly got to learn a lot from them.