Quizz App

by Lavish21/1/2022

What is FOSS Overflow?

FOSS Overflow is a month-long event celebrating open source culture and is organized by Google Developer Student Clubs and OpenLake at IIT Bhilai. The program is designed to prepare students for global open source internships like GSoC, LFX, and Outreachy. Foss Overflow gave me a great opportunity to learn something new while working on a project. It had a plethora of fascinating projects which were unique in their own way. But the project which attracted my attention was the Quizz App, as its tech stack was finely aligned to mine and it has also become a necessity in Online mode of study.

About Quizz App

Quizz App is a open source project that let its users to make and give fun, interactive and informative quizzes. It helps its users to either gain some knowledge, test their intelligence or simply pass the time in interacting with others.

It is a web application made using MERN (MongoDB , Express , React , Node) stack and it also uses JWT (JSON Web Tokens) for user authentication. Material UI has been used for styling the web app.

Work done in Quizz App

Quizz App basically gives three services, which are :

  1. Making A Quiz : The user can make a quiz using an adequate interface by giving the question, its options , correct answer and time given to solve the question.

Adding Questions Interface

  1. Giving a Quiz : The user can enter any quiz using the quiz code which is generated when a quiz is made.

Quiz Interface

The user can also see the leaderboard, which changes dynamically and shows the real-time results.

  1. Storing Past Quizzes : Quizz App also displays the quizzes attempted by the user in past.

Past Quizzes

The Quizz App also have following features :

  1. User Authentication : Quizz App uses JWT for user authentication. It is used to perform the authentication of user for giving the quiz.

  2. Showing Profile : Quizz App also shows the profile for every user and also the quizzes made and attempted by him/her


FOSS Overflow has helped me in gaining a lot of knowledge about Web Development. By the means of this event, I have made a project completely by myself with searching on the internet and not by bluntly copying any YouTube tutorial. I would try to keep contributing for Quizz App even after the event.

While working on this project, I encountred some nasty errors and bugs which made me question my knowledge and persuaded me to work more hard. But still, most of the errors were solved by @Gopal and @KShivendu who helped me a lot throughout this journey. I learned many things from them like debugging the errors, improving the code structure , time management etc. which has highly refined my skills.

At last, FOSS Overflow is a great opportunity to get such a prestiguous platform to showcase and hone your skills and also get a supportive team of contributors to help you out any time. I am glad to be a part of FOSS Overflow this year.