Homework Scheduler

by Lalit Kumar Singh21/1/2022


HomeWork Scheduler is a open source project that helps teachers decide homework deadlines by keeping a track of other commitments and assignments of the students. 🧑‍🏫🧑‍🎓.

This year in Foss Overflow 2021, I have worked on Homework Scheduler project. It is a web application that helps teachers to keep track of students' assignments and commitments.


I achieved a lot of things during this project, some of them are:

  1. Providing a minimalistic UI that is easy to use and intuitive.


  1. Implementing auth system to allow teachers to login and manage their courses and assignments.
  2. Implementing api to allow teachers and students to create and submit assignments.
  3. Feature to allow teachers to see the students' submissions and give feedback and marks and also a feature to make announcements.


  1. Finally, finding a way to track students' commitments and assignments.


and much more...


I have been working on this project a lot since the start and I am free happy with the results. We managed to achieve what we had hoped to achieve. It was a great experience for me. I met many new people and learned a lot through this project. I am glad to be a part of this project. I hope to work not only on this project but also on other open source projects in the future. It was really a great experience! 🤗.

Special thanks to @Ambar Bhaiya who always helped me out with the project and I learn a lot from him and I also thank whole Foss Overflow team for their support.