Interview Preparation Web Application

by Gaurav Verma18/1/2023


With new technologies arriving in market everyday, Interviews are becoming more and more to crack keeping this problem in mind we created this all-in-one platform for job seekers to prepare for various interview first topics to tackle difficult problems on the spot.

I got the opportunity to work on this project as a part of Foss Overflow 2022, it helps to learn more about open-source contributions and taught to work as a team member. Overall, it's an amazing opportunity to prepare myself for bigger programs like GSoC, LFX and MLH. Throughout the project ,I got to learn new things everyday by implementing new features in the project. Personally, this project is the best one so far that I've worked on, and would like to continue contributing to Interview Prep making it better.


At the start of the coding period, I designed the UI for the application using Mantine library from scratch. Before this project, I was majorly occupied in doing competitive programming and building personal projects. This proves to be my first professional collaborative open-source project. Throughout the project I implemented many features form scratch by using new techs for the first time. I had been contributing to open-source programs before but never really understood how impactful open source contribution can be. I was lucky enough to have an amazing duo of Mentors, @Nisarg Sir and @Shobhit Sir, who were always there to solve doubts.

As a motivation☺, this was a paid program and some cool swags are also being given to all the selected participants!

Major Take-aways

  1. Learnt about encrypting passwords using bcryptjs.
  2. Implemented pagination and searching in all home page.
  3. Added real-time mongoDB database to fetch comments.
  4. A stout foundation to prepare for Google Summer Of Code.
  5. Learned writing clean, readable and scalable code.
  6. Sense of pleasure to work on an idea that you correlate with.

Special thanks to @Nisarg Sir, @Shobhit Sir who helped so much during this program. I truly got to learn a lot from them.