My Experience at FOSS Overflow

by Sawan Bhattacharya21/1/2022

This blog is about my experience at FOSS Overflow and working on Activity Tracker

What is FOSS Overflow?

FOSS Overflow Logo

FOSS Overflow is a month-long event celebrating open source culture and is organized by Google Developer Student Clubs and OpenLake at IIT Bhilai. The program is designed to prepare students for global open source internships like GSoC, LFX, and Outreachy.

Who am I ?

I am Sawan Bhattacharya, a 1st year undergrad at Narula Institute of Technology, Kolkata. I'm an open-source and cyber security enthusiast. A pure geek 👨‍💻 who loves to learn new technologies.

What is my project?

In this year's Foss Overflow 2021, my project was to work on a browser extension for Activity Tracker that tracks your browsing history and gives you insights into your browsing habits 🕵️‍♂️ 🌐. Purpose of this whole Activity Track project is to give users insight into there daily digital habits.

How was my experience?

This is my first time participating in an open source program, participating in FOSS Overflow was an amazing experience, get to know a lots of amazing people working on some cool projects. I have go to learn a lot from my mentors and my fellow mentees.

Thanks to my mentors @KShivendu and @ambarvm for guiding and supporting me throughout the project, it was really an amazing experience working with you guys, and a special thanks to my fellow mentee @Aayushd18 for being there when needed.

I really want this amazing open-source event to achieve great success, this have really motivated me to participate in more open-source projects and events.

What did I learn?

This 1 month long journey was full of learing and polishing up skills.

  • Learned a lot about browser extension
  • Improved communication skills
  • Get to know how to write efficient js code
  • Get to know about react router
  • And a lot of other stuff