by Achintya Pandey — 17/1/2023

👋 Hello!

My name is Achintya Pandey,a 2nd year student at IET lucknow.I was selected as a mentee in December iteration of Foss overflow to contribute my part in the development of an application called Instipay.

💻 About my App

There are financial transactions ingrained in the day-to-day life of every student , faculty and staff member in an educational institute , we can say that the institute is an economy of its own. So we tried to develop a simple yet aesthitically beautiful application where user would be able to load some amount of money to their account which will be linked to their ID card and would be able to pay off for small yet crucial day to day activites like taking printouts , paying for buying stuffs from canteen etc. The application will help both students and staffs alike.

ğŸŽŠ Features brought to life

  • The application can now invoke transaction for registered user and also register new users.
  • Users can see their history like to whom they have send the money or have received from.
  • Users can customize their profile according to their liking and choice.

✈️ My Experience

Okay so, Here is my story well starting off from day 1 of getting and starting my coding journey I was very much nervous and anxious as to what lies the path then I had a discussion with my fellow mentees of my project and we decided our share of work and got off to coding I only had a little intro to flutter in the starting days and since we have to build everything off from scratch I put on my coding glasses and opened my editor.Initially it was quite difficult to get accustomed to new techstacks and I did several mistake it seemed like a never ending tunnel for me but the mentors were so exceptionally helpful and kind I literally don't have words to describe especially my mentor Riya mam she supported us and motivated us form day 1 and kept helping us till the last day. She really inspired me to be a good mentor in future if an opportunity calls for it.In addition I would like to say that I really a learnt a lot and all these teachings are going to stick to me my whole life.Foss overflow really has a very warm and welcoming community. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn.

💾 My Contribution

  • Created and implemented history functionality.
  • Integrated the Razorpay Payment Gateway in the Application.
  • Improved the basic UI of Application.

👁️ Vision

This is the first Open Source Software I have contributed to. I am looking for the following features to be implemented :

  • An API for generating orderID on a backend server such as Node.js to automatically capture authorized payments on Razorpay.
  • A system for analysing the spending behaviour of a user and allow a low interest credit for the duration of a semester guranteed by the institue safety deposit , paid each semester.
  • Further improve the UI of the application.

💝 A Journey Worth Remembering

It was a really very memorable and the shortest one month I had in my life. I got to know some of the best people out there a got a chance to work with them. This experience proved that how much I still had to learn in the world and improve myself. I'm really going to miss these people and I really think Open Source Dev. is one of the best thing one can do out there. I really hope to meet everyone again and I wish best of luck to all the future mentees applying to this program. I'm really inclined to apply again next year.

Never give up! 🏁