by Tanishq Mohan Mehta17/1/2022

About the project:

I worked on a LeaderBoard Pro website as a part of Foss Overflow. It is a project that aims to show the real-time rankings of the users on different platforms(namely github,leetcode,codechef,codeforces,and openlake repositories). The page is designed in such a way that a logged in user can choose to enter his/her username for the respective platforms and then that username will be included in the rankings along with other details fetched from those platforms.Users can also add other usernames to their friends list and can choose to see the rankings among friends also. I had to make sure that the website is as useful as possible, robust , and easily extensible. All along the program I faced lots and lots of issues , errors , and bugs , but with the kind guidance of my mentor Harshith Naresh Chunduri, I was able to fix most of them , and make LeaderBoard Pro a better app.

Achievements :

  1. Django framework
  2. Working with sqlite database
  3. React hooks
  4. Material designs
  5. Processing the data fetched from the API

My Contributions:

  1. Added the leetcode table frontend as well as backend
  2. Added the feature to search user by the usernames
  3. Bug fixes in the UI such as converting the time fetched from the api,also bug that caused the darkmode to refresh the page.
  4. Manually added dark mode css.
  5. Added user authentication feature i.e Registering of new user and login for already registered users.
  6. Added backend and frontend for adding/updating usernames of users for different platforms.
  7. Minor UI improvements like a footer and homepage.
  8. Added friend list feature in which a user can add friends in different platforms and can choose to see the rankings among them(backed api as well as frontends).


Overall I loved contributing to LeaderBoard Pro, got to learn lots of new things in a short span of time , and now I feel more confident in the website development.