Project Idea 💡

We often have to transfer files between our mobile and desktop devices. But generally we do it with WhatsApp, Telegram or some other application which passes through the internet. We can create a mobile-app for use on our institutes intranet.

My Contributions 💻

  • Developed the minio server locally.
  • Wrote the golang codes to manage the backend.
  • Wrote Flutter code for cross platform application.
  • This application contains option to share the file over intranet.
  • In front end I have used the file_picker module to enable us to pick and files from the device.
  • The generate the download button will generate a download link that can be shared to others.

What I gained 📈

  • Got more hands-on experience on Flutter ,which enhanced my app development skills.

  • Got to work with golang and learned a new language.

  • Working with two other people enhanced my cooperative abilities, and I discovered how collaborating and supporting one another may accelerate task completion while simultaneously fostering individual growth.

  • Got to work with cloud based object storage server.

  • Regarding the technical side, I gained knowledge of a number of new concepts and expanded my understanding of others. Building a full-stack website by myself helped me explore a tonne of new ideas and dispelled a lot of assumptions I had. To mention a few, I discovered how to deploy a website, use sockets, access keys as variables in objects, and send variables over URLs.


I was able to connect with many seasoned individuals through this event, including my mentors and peers who supported me in various ways. They not only gave me direction, but they also inspired me to press on when I was about to give up. In addition to the standard courses I'm taking, I also learnt how to manage my time and commit it to this project. Learning about and using new technologies, like web sockets, was an interesting journey. I worked along with a few of my peers, which allowed me to explore more and made studying enjoyable and simple. I now have renewed trust in my web programming abilities because to Foss Overflow.