Live Score App

by Sakshi Saraswat22/1/2022

About the project

I worked on a Live Scoring website as a part of Foss Overflow. It is a project that aims to show the real-time scores of different sports during a tournament. The page is designed in such a way that the admin can add a match and change the score of the players. This can be viewed by the users at the same time.


I have used MERN stack to build this website and web socket ( to show the score in real-time. Furthermore, I have integrated an API to add a match and show the registered matches, scores, and winners which can be edited for display. This edit score option is available only for certain users with access to the password (Admin) and restricted to the day of the match, to avoid the chances of unwanted tampering. As for other users, only details of the matches in progress and those completed in the past can be viewed, the view score button remaining disabled for the rest of the matches. These remaining displayed matches give the viewer an idea about the coming lineup.

What I learned during the project

Looking at the technical aspect, I learned several new ideas and broadened my knowledge of previously known concepts. Building a full-stack website by myself cleared up a lot of misconceptions that I had and helped me explore a ton of new concepts. To name a few, I learned how to send variables through URLs, how to use sockets, how to access keys as variables in objects, and how to deploy a website.

Moreover, I learned how to approach problems that arise when I take on new tasks, which helped me develop my logical skills. I have gained good experience in terms of interpreting and analyzing my mistakes, be it while planning out the structure of the website or while debugging errors in implementation. I have also gained an insight on how to communicate my problems more effectively and clearly while discussing the issues that arose, with my mentors.

My experience

Through this event, I got an opportunity to get in touch with a lot of experienced people, including my mentors and my peers who helped me in several ways. They not only guided me but also motivated me to keep going when I was on the verge of giving up. Furthermore, I learned how to manage my time and devote it to this project in addition to the regular courses I'm taking. It was an exciting path to learn about new technologies and implement them, for instance web socket. I collaborated with some peers of mine which helped me exploring more and made the learning fun and easy. After Foss Overflow, I have gained newfound confidence in my web development skills. Finally, I'd want to express my gratitude to the FOSS overflow team for offering me with this opportunity, which has allowed me to improve both personally and professionally.