by Rudra Pratap Singh17/1/2023

Project GitHub Link

  • GitHub: https:

About Me

I am Rudra Pratap S C, a 2nd Year BTech CSE student at IET Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Idea behind the Project

The idea behind the project is to evaluate OMR sheets accurately and fast.My job was to fullfill a request made by a user to classify the images using QR codes on the sheets.


  1. Create a plugin called MedianBlur Previously the project was using Linear blurring methds like gaussian blur but algorithmic blurring methods shows more promising results when it comes to sharpness , so I used the median blur to rectify the image sharpness.
  2. Updated Schema for JSON Updated schema.json file , now it will show validation error not code error everytime wrong values are passed in the template.json.
  3. Created plugin ReadBarcode
    • The plug in reads the QR/Barcodes in an image and return the data.
    • The plugin also shows error when either no or multiple QRs are passed.
  4. Created class TemplateByBarcode
    • The class first colllect the data from ReadBarcode plugin and update the template accordingly.
    • Then it creates folders where outputs are meant to be saved.
    • Finally it checks if the user wants input sorting or not and if yes then it creates folders for sorted inputs.

How Fossoverflow helped in my overall development

foss_overflow After FOSS Overflow, I have gained newfound confidence in my Image processing skills. The mentor of my project was genuine guy who helped me walk through any difficulties I faced during this period. there were many takeaways from Foss Overflow like gaining confidence, writing clean code , understanding github better but the most of all that will stay with me is to understand the code someone else wrote and work on it as of my own.