Not-A-Mess: an app for a purpose

by Hriday Agrawal — 17/1/2022

👨‍💻 Introduction

As the name suggests, it is related to mess, but which one 🤔...the hostel mess or mismanagement? Well, it is for both!

It is often witnessed that there needs to be more communication between the maintainers and the students, so we developed Not-A-Mess app to handle the same. This app utilizes the feedback from the students about the mess' food, which help the maintainers to keep track of all the issues and maintain the food quality served. On the other side, students can keep track of their menu for the day, providing an easy gateway to connect with the maintainers.

🙋‍♂️ A little about me

Hi there! I am Hriday Agrawal, a junior in Electrical Engineering at Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh. I am often involved in Open Source contributions and community learning, and thus, I am also the founder and lead of my university's Google Developer Student Club. I am often driven by a desire to solve a real-world problem with my skills, and by building Not-A-Mess, it looks like I solved my own problem 😄.

⚒️ Features brought to life

My contribution was the frontend of the application:

  • Created an exhaustive Dashboard for maintainers for easy analysis.
  • Created an Issues feature which can be seen as a chat system between the students and maintainers.
  • Developed the menu screen for students to keep track of that day's menu.
  • Screen for authentication/registration.
  • Improved the User Experience with easy navigation and handy functionality.

💡 My Experience

This one-month journey was hilarious! Unlike the project's name, I often messed up with one or the other thing. Well, It was pretty obvious, as Flutter was new to me. FOSS Overflow 2022 was more of a rollercoaster ride, though I'd have to say that I can see the difference in my skill level from then to now and the experience with the tech I've been working with for this project. There were often (to be honest, always 😅) times when I was stuck at some or the other feature I was implementing; it is where the communities came to the rescue (especially the Flutter community for me).


Overall, it was a great experience learning and building this project. It was motivating for me to work on this project, being a hosteller in my university, and often finding the requirement of such application.

There are many in this journey who deserve a big thank you from me, besides my mentors @Apoorv and @Noman, my co-author @Navya, and @Ananya from the organizing committee.

😁 Technicals I Learnt

There are several technicals that can't be written here:

  • Learned working with Flutter and Dart on a good level.
  • Responsive development in Flutter.
  • Modules like fl_charts, accordion, syncfusion_flutter_charts, etc.
  • User experience improvement and extensive debugging.

And much more...

There are a lot more things I want to implement in this project than those which I was able to implement in this project's duration, to make this a great solution. Would be glad to connect for further discussions :)